Sales Tax

Sales-tax compliance is no small responsibility for the modern merchant. Anyone who has ever operated an e-commerce store knows that applying sales tax isn’t as simple as just tacking a static dollar amount on the end of a purchase. In fact, there is an intricate system of rules and laws in place when it comes to what is taxed, how much tax is applied and how taxes need to be reported. What’s more, the merchant side is responsible for tallying, collecting, remitting and filing. Here are some common pain points that e-commerce store owners know all too well when trying to apply accurate sales tax calculations:

  • Struggling with tax tables.
  • Keeping track of changing sales-tax rates in states and districts.
  • Handling the confusion over sales tax on shipping charges versus no sales tax on shipping charges.
  • Understanding origin-based sales tax versus destination-based sales tax.
  • Providing accurate remittance and filing to taxing entities.

Tallying sales tax shouldn’t take you away from running your e-commerce business. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. The Volusion calculator add-on makes it easy to apply accurate, up-to-date sales tax information using a multi-state nexus without taxing your time. The Volusion sales tax calculator is a seamless companion that automates the process of tallying rates and applying sales tax to your transactions on a real-time basis using order-specific details. Think of it as having your own built-in tax expert who can tally up transaction-specific tax rates and apply them in the blink of an eye 24 hours per day. Real-time tax collections and remittance are now fully automated. Just imagine what can be done with all that spare time!

Accurate Tax Calculations and a Better Customer-Side Experience

The Volusion shopping cart tax calculator creates a seamless experience for both the merchant and the buyer. Purchasers will appreciate having an accurate, real-time total to agree to before finalizing their purchases. Merchants will appreciate having the ability to charge their customers the right tax amount every time without any manual input. This add-on instantly recognizes all special tax rates that need to be applied and it supports all enforceable state and local tax rules.

Benefits for Merchant-Side Operations

Volusion sales tax API creates a seamless experience. This tool syncs automatically with your shopping carts and delivers automated reporting based on activity. You’re left with reports for both state and local levels. That’s just the beginning. You’ll also have automated detection of over-collected tax or under-collected tax, help with both origin-based and destination-based sales tax, automation for shipping taxability and quick support for any issues that pop up.

The Volusion tax tool takes the heavy lifting out of merchant-side sales tax reporting. It instantly prepares return-ready reports and delivers instant tax filings. An automated Volusion tax calculator goes with the merchant across all of their e-commerce channels. That includes popular channels like Amazon, Shopify and more. A Volusion shopping cart tax calculator is extremely fast and easy to set up. It easily connects to all of the selling platforms where customers and merchants sync up. Discover high performance and reliability on a per-order basis and never struggle with sales-tax obligations again.